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Paws & Claws Pet Services provides IN HOME care for your pet. Whether it's a daily visit for a walk and play time or a weekly vacation visit Paws & Claws has got you covered!


Paws & Claws Pet Services was started with a simple idea of providing stress-free care for your pet while you're away from them. Yes, kennels are always an option but kennels can be stressful, especially if you have an older dog or a puppy. Keep them at home where they will be happy and safe.


Daily walks are great for dogs who are high energy. Exercise is good for every one and a mid day walk might be just the thing to stop boredom that can lead to unwanted behaviors in your dog!


We know you love your pet and at Paws & Claws we promise we'll love him too!

About us


Call today for your free in-home consultation!


Paws & Claws pets are happy pets!


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